H&B: Conversion of a sporthall into an art gallery – Brussels (BE)

Matignon: Art gallery refurbishement – Paris (FR)

SchuttershoftstraatAntwerp (BE)

STS: Distopian Covidesign – Anywhere (Wrld)

MDT: Single family house extension – Noirmoutier (FR)

Marche: Single family house construction – Marche (BE)

Douzens: Outdoor design for a vineyard outhouse – Douzens (FR)

Forriere: Covered market canopy construction – Forrière (BE)

Turenne: Art gallery refurbishement – Paris (FR)

Namêche: Community center construction – Namêche (BE)

Messancy: Refurbishement of a law court into a community center – Messancy (BE)

Ohey: Single family house construction – Ohey (BE)

Parc: Family house extension – Embourg (BE)